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Our History

Kiefner Brothers, Inc. is a fourth generation family owned General Contractor, with six generations of construction experience, located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. For a century and a half, the Kiefner family has been building a reputation for quality, innovation, and teamwork.

1866 - Moving To Perryville

1923 - Evolution of the Company

1968 - Kiefner Brothers Inc.

1984 - Relocating



The year was 1866. German-born immigrant John Kiefner moved to Perryville, Missouri hoping to start his own business. Using the skills and knowledge of woodworking gained serving an apprenticeship in Maryland, John became a success making and selling furniture and cabinets in the Perryville area. He also built barns, houses and some of the early commercial buildings in Perryville, including the City’s first fire station. This was the beginning of the Kiefner construction legacy.

Following in his footsteps, John’s son Charles later became a successful builder and retail lumber supplier. Many of the homes, churches, and other structures found in and around Perryville today were built by Charles E. Kiefner.

After serving in the Marine Corp during World War I, Charles’ son Edwin earned a civil engineering degree and entered business primarily as a state road and bridge builder. In 1942 he founded a partnership with his brother John and gravitated toward building construction. Operations were halted during World War II and then recommenced in 1946 (Edwin and John are the original "Kiefner Brothers").​

Kiefner Brothers was incorporated in 1968. E.K. Kiefner became president of the firm which has since grown to be the premier commercial and institutional builder in Southeast Missouri. Countless schools, hospital additions, and other commercial projects were built during the thirty-year tenure of E.K. Kiefner.​

E. K. Kiefner’s sons Thomas B. Kiefner and Kent B. Kiefner joined the firm fulltime. The business headquarters was moved from downtown Perryville to 1459 N. Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau, MO where it has remained ever since.​

E. K. Kiefner retired and Thomas B. Kiefner assumes the role of President of the firm.

E. K. Kiefner’s third son Matthew A. Kiefner joins the firm as a Project Manager after a career as a Marine Corps officer. The company continued to experience growth as the number, size, and complexity of the projects increased. It was during this timeframe that the company’s resume of involved hospital and healthcare-related construction experience became second to no one in the region.​

Phillip K. Kiefner, Kent’s son, comes on board as Project Manager and Estimator, thus becoming the 6th generation of Kiefner builder. The company continued to evolve and has become a capable design/builder to complement our traditional services.


To Be Continued...

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