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Kiefner Brothers, Inc. has taken the time and effort to greatly enhance our employee safety and health program. Great strides have been made with the ultimate goal of controlling and reducing workplace accidents and injuries to achieve a true “accident free workplace” for Kiefner Brothers, Inc. employees, its subcontractors, owners and visitors to the work site. Below are the steps taken implemented as part of our enhanced workplace safety program-



Architect at Construction Site

As a foundation for all the safety program changes being implemented, Kiefner Brothers, Inc. management has created a much more stringent, written company safety policy. This policy has been reviewed, and approved, over the past several years by multiple auditing and contractor compliance organizations. While this policy meets all required OSHA standards and specifications, it also surpasses those standards in multiple instances.


Construction Workers

All Kiefner Brothers, Inc. employees undergo initial, “new hire safety training” as well as refresher training on a regular basis. All Kiefner Brothers, Inc. foreman have competent person designations where required (i.e. trenching and excavating, lockout/tagout, scaffold erection, etc.) and have full authority to correct issues found on the jobsite based on that training and experience. Finally, all employees and supervisors have undergone equipment specific safety training and certification, for example; forklift, scissor lift, aerial lift, and heavy equipment.


Welding specialist

All Kiefner Brothers, Inc. subcontractors are now subject to greater scrutiny regarding their safety policies and programs. Prior to accepting a bid from a subcontractor, Kiefner Brothers, Inc. personnel will ensure that the subcontractor’s MOD (experience modification factor) and written safety policies meet our stringent expectations. Subcontractor’s not meeting our safety related criteria will not have their bids accepted. In addition, subcontractors are also subject to monthly jobsite safety audits performed by Tri-State Safety Management, Kiefner Brothers’ safety consultant. The findings of these audits can potentially require a subcontractor to remove employees from the jobsite that have been performing or participating in unsafe work practices.


Construction Workers at Sunset

All Kiefner Brothers, Inc. jobsites are subject to periodic (at least monthly) safety audits (inspections) performed by Tri-State Safety Management personnel. These reports are produced in an electronic format with photographs taken of the observed safety violations. The reports and photographs are distributed to all parties currently on that particular job. Research has shown that the fastest, most effective way to improve construction site safety is through the use of regular jobsite safety audits. This allows employees to become familiar with the company’s safety expectations, while also reinforcing the fact that company management expects all employees to work as safely as possible to achieve our goal of an injury free worksite.

We understand that enhancing workplace safety is a process that is never truly completed and can always be improved upon but Kiefner Brothers, Inc. is making great strides in achieving our goal of an accident free worksite.

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